Beleeza Cork Clutches

Cork clutches

Beleeza specialises in cork clutches and other cork fashion. They are an ethical supplier of sustainable fashion and cork materials.

Rosa Fold Over Cork Clutches

Cork Clutches

Combining two soft-tone cork fabrics into one fold over cork clutch. The body features gold metallic fleck natural fabric and coloured pink fold over.


We would recommend cleaning any marks as soon as possible with a soft damp cloth with mild detergent.


Available in one size

Dimensions: 25cm W x 15cm H x 5cm D



  • Metallic Gold Fleck Natural
  • Natural Colour Fabric



  • cork clutch with snap closure
  • dust bag included
  • imported
Why Cork?

Cork is a sustainable, versatile, beautiful and wearable material that has only just started to be seen in Australia.

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak. These trees do not need to be cut down for cork to be extracted. Cork oaks also regenerate their bark and in this process they use three to five times more carbon dioxide, benefitting the environment.

Cork is proved to be a natural, renewable and sustainable raw material that is highly adaptable to a range of products.