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Photography was a lifelong obsession that became a career.

I am a Sydney based photographer, father and small business enthusiast. My passion for photography started at a very young age when I was given my first film camera. Pocket money would go towards buying the next roll of film and I was drawn in by the technical aspects of both shooting and developing my own photos. As technology moved from film into digital photography my love for the craft only grew but I never considered it more than a hobby (albeit an expensive one).

After more than a decade managing and owning small businesses across a diverse range of fields I found myself often frustrated with the digital media offerings available in the market. In an age where engaging photography and video media is critical to the success of any business, I often wound up doing it myself due to the lack of quality, cost effective options. Five years later, delivering high quality photography and video is now a full time career.

Combining my business experience with my craft puts me in a prime position to understand and deliver on your businesses photography and visual media needs. Whether it's real estate, commercial construction, architecture, corporate events, PR events, corporate portraits or product photography I have a full range of professional photography solutions on offer. To talk to me about your photography needs you can contact me here.

Alternatively you'll find me out and about chasing that perfect light somewhere across Sydney.



Pixel Collective

In 2019 Matt co-founded a dedicated architecture and construction photography business - Pixel Collective. With over 20 years experience in documenting architecture and construction through photography and video, Matthew and Jonathan are dedicated to providing clients across Australia with beautiful imagery.

Well designed spaces -directly or indirectly- influence our health, our productivity, and our wellbeing. The way people, nature and light interact with the built environment is not only a fascination for Pixel Collective, but a means to communicate clients’ shared ideals of improving the spaces in which we live and work.

We offer a collaborative and personalised approach to our photography and video production that you will only get from a boutique and dedicated firm. Combining more than two decades of experience capturing the built environment, we offer a refined style and detailed understanding of the architecture, design and construction industries.

If you would like to find out more about Pixel Collective you can do so at https://thepixelcollective.com.au

“When I have a camera in my hand, I shall know no fear”

Alfred Eisenstaedt